Green Water Culture

Steps to succeeding with green water cultures:

1. Get a clear bottle/jar (plastic or glass w/ as big an opening as you can get for maximum oxygen exchange)
2. Fill it with tank water
3. Place bottle/jar in a well-lit area (can be direct sunlight)


1. Get a clear bottle w/ a cover
2. Pick some fresh plant leaves
3. Blend the leaves for about 1min with dechlorinated tap or tank water
4. Strain and pour the blend into the bottle and reapply the cover (no leaves)
5. Place capped bottle w/ blend in a well-lit area for 24hrs for a phytoplankton bloom
6. Get another clear bottle/jar (bigger than the one you have – maybe a clear bucket)
7. Fill the new container with dechlorinated tap water or tank water
8. Pour your blend into the new container and let it sit under a well-lit area (direct sunlight preferred)
9. In a few days your culture (the phytoplankton) will grow

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