DIY Cultures

In the oft occasion, a fish keeper might get the insane idea to start breeding some fish. I haven’t a clue as to why this happens, but we aquarists have a tendency to self-inflict pain upon ourselves in the most ruthless of manners. Well, it’s either that, or we find it a fun challenge with possible profitability intertwined.

Whatever your reason in getting into breeding, you’re going to need some fry food for the potential, successful spawning. And that brings us to our topic – DIY Cultures.

Before we begin, there are plenty of worms/micro-organism cultures that you could get into, for numerous reasons. Not all of them are just for fry. Many worms and micro-crustaceans are a great natural source of protein and other nutrients for young, maturing and adult fish.

Second, there are plenty of commercial fry foods available on the market via your local fish store (LFS), big box stores (like Pet(Smart/Co), online stores or even private breeders/culturists. However, nothing really beats fresh, free and easy cultures you can make up yourself.

I’ve compiled (I wasn’t the first one to cultivate these, of course) a very fast/easy numerical list of instructions to use for each of these cultures. I wanted to put these together so that they’re easily accessed in one place, without having to second-guess how to do things the correct way. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

So… let’s get started! (Please click one of the below links for a quick how-to.)

How to Cultivate Green Water
How to Cultivate Infusoria

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